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Vegas Three Card Rummy Casino Game Explained for iPhone Players

Vegas Three Card Rummy Casino Game Explained for iPhone Players

iPhone Vegas three card rummy is a 52 card deck game that is played by means of your device with a dealer. Both the player and dealer are dealt three cards, the player’s face up, the dealer’s face down, and the goal is to make sure that you get less points than the dealer does. The dealer will need to gather at least 20 points in order to qualify, if he or she fails to do so, the player wins the bet, the money staked on the ante and will even receive the raise the he or she has staked back in full.

Rules for Enjoying Mobile Rummy

iPhone Vegas three card rummy hands are dealt from a single deck and the scoring system is very easy to memorise. Cards from two to ten have face value, the Jack, Queen and King each offer ten points each, aces equal one point, and any pair, triple, two or three card suited run equal zero.

Before play begins an ante wager needs to be placed, and, once this is done, both the player and the dealer are dealt three cards each. You may forfeit the game at this point if you wish, but, if you think you stand a chance of winning, you will be required to raise the wager to the amount bet on the ante. At this point the dealer will reveal his or her cards, and, should your total score exceed this then you will lose.

There are some great iPhone Vegas three card rummy bonus bets available to push up the excitement factor during play, and these will become available to players when a score of 12 points or less is made. You will not be able to make use of the bonus bet if you fold, but can take a chance if you feel Lady Luck hovering near you and make a mint if your hunch proves correct.

You will win the game if the dealer fails to qualify, or your three card score total is below the one he or she has managed to garner. Should you fold, and find the dealer has managed to get a lower score than you the game will be forfeit.

Playing Vegas Three Card Rummy Online

Take the Game with You

You don’t have to be anywhere in particular to enjoy a game of iPhone Vegas three card rummy, and can simply log in to your mobile account by means of your device whenever you wish to. Take advantage of the fact that there are no limits at all to your enjoyment, and pick up and play whenever you feel the urge, but don’t forget about responsible play!

Like some mobile pokies AU, this easy, exciting game is perfect for when you want to pass a little spare time, and does not require you spend ages perfecting the game before you are in the running for the real money wins. Thanks to its simplicity even the most inexperienced mobile gamblers can start having fun and winning money with iPhone Vegas three card rummy on the go!

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