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A Brief Introduction to Dolly Parton Online Slots Game

A Brief Introduction to Dolly Parton Online Slots Game

The Dolly Parton online slots game features a theme based around the popular music icon. The game not only has well known music by Dolly Parton herself, but also has her likeness as a spinning symbol, as well as for the many bonus games offered. The player must match the icons to achieve wins, as with classic slot machine games, while placing a bet on every spin. The bet can be raised or lowered, and the player can cash out at any time. Read on to learn more about some of the special features available.

Symbols and Sounds Used

The colourful, sparkling symbols used for this game are based around music and the music industry. Some of them are a guitar, a microphone, singing lips, and much more. Classic card numbers and symbols are also used. When matching the picture icons, they will animate for a spectacular display. The theme for this game is bright, colourful, and sparkling, creating an engaging, entertaining experience. Sound also features prominently, with wins and spins indicated via pleasant tinkling tunes.

Wild Card

The face of Dolly Parton acts as a wild card, meaning that it may stand as a substitute for matching with any other icons. The more wild cards you get, the better, with huge payouts possible for each single spin. You may, for example, match two guitars with a Dolly, or even two guitars and two Dollys.

Golden Disks

The golden disk icons mean big wins for the player. If you get three of them, you will trigger the wheel of wealth bonus game. This game, when achieved, can lead to bonus spins and very high bonus payouts. A player should cross their fingers to achieve the Wheel of wealth bonuses. When one appears, it will be indicated by a sound.

Playing Dolly Parton Slot Online

Wheel of Wealth

When achieving three golden disks, the bonus wheel of wealth will be triggered. This opens a window featuring Dolly Parton and a classic spinning wheel of fortune. Simply spin the wheel, and see which bonuses are paid out. This may snowball, triggering the suitcase opening bonus, which can lead to more bonus spins, and even more payouts.

Player Controlled Music Selection

This https://canadianslotsonline.org/cad/ slot comes complete with classic songs by Dolly Parton, which automatically play while the player is spinning. Like sorting out preferences, the songs may even be changed, as the player prefers, via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Simply click the icon, and a window will open displaying the songs. Click which song you’d like, or if you would like to turn off the soundtrack completely, click the corresponding icon. You may also change the songs to play in a random order, by clicking the shuffle icon. If you would like to change the volume at which the music plays, simply do so via your computers built in sound slider.

User Interface

All the information about the game can be seen at the bottom of the screen. This includes the player’s account and available balance, plus the current wager. The wager may also be changed here, by clicking the appropriate button.

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