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All American Video Poker Variation at a Glance Online

All American Video Poker Variation at a Glance Online

The name All American might be specifically chosen to make US casino enthusiasts’ hearts beat a little faster, but thanks to online casinos, this variety of video poker can be enjoyed all over the world. As a video poker title, it has the advantage of being fast and easy to play. There are also multi-hand versions that allow players to bet on up to 100 hands at once.

All American, like all video poker variants, is designed for players who enjoy the chance to draw cards trying to improve a poker hand, without the risks and distraction of betting against other players’ hands. They place one bet per hand, and the only decision thereafter is which cards to hold and which to discard and replace.

Inspired by Jacks or Better Variant

All American video poker is therefore a boon to players with no poker face to speak of, or who can never tell when other players are bluffing. It’s a straight contest between the player and the house, using a standard 52-card deck and no jokers. None of the cards are designated Wild, either, so all winning combinations must be natural. The only drawback to All American in a land-based casino might be finding an open machine during busy times, so online players get another incentive right there: they never have to wait to play All American video poker at an online casino.

All American is based on the existing video poker variation Jacks or Better, so called because players need a pair of Jacks or better to win according to the pay table. Where All American differs from Jacks or Better is in the specifics of the pay table: a flush, straight or straight flush wins a higher payout in All American than they do in Jacks or Better.

Playing Casino All American Video Poker

Standard Video Poker Playing Sequence

Like setting up wagers in the Crown Oaks Day betting, before playing any video poker variant, players must first set coin denominations. All American has several, ranging from 0.05 to 5.00. Players can also choose to bet 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 coins per hand. Once the bet is placed, players hit Deal and are dealt a five-card hand.

The player then clicks on any cards they want to hold, before pressing the Draw button. The discards are replaced, and any winning combos that result in the hand are paid according to the pay table. Players can also choose to gamble any wins; they are shown one card face up, with four others face down. They must choose a card, and if it is higher than the card showing, their win is doubled. If not, they lose the win.

Full All American Video Poker Pay Table

Savvy All American players always bet the maximum of 5 coins, even if budget constraints mean they have to play at a lower coin denomination. This is because most prizes increase proportionally with each extra coin bet, except for the top win, which is enhanced by a factor of 16X at max bet.

At max bet level, the pay table pays out as follows. A pair of Jacks or better, or any two pair: 5 credits. Three of a kind: 15 credits. Straight, flush or full house: 40 credits. Four of a kind: 175 credits. A straight flush: 1,000 credits. A royal flush: 4,000 credits.

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