Predictions on African cup of nations Event

Predictions on African cup of nations Event

Soccer is the game the whole world plays, and bets on with online soccer sports betting. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. The African Cup of Nations is the elite international football tournament of Africa, sanctioned by the Confederation of African Football. It is held every two years, and since 2013 this has been decided to be the odd years in order that the tournament does not clash with the FIFA World Cup.

Look at Form and Rankings

When discussing African Cup of Nations predictions, it should be remembered that it is still very early days, that the qualifying rounds have barely begun, and that the tournament will only be held in 2017, and much water still has to flow under the bridge. However, as with all predictions and the African Cup of Nations predictions are no different history are form are the best predictors. During its history, Egypt has been the most successful nation winning the Cup on 7 occasions. Ghana and Cameroon have won 4 each while Nigeria and Congo each hold 2 titles, with 9 nations having won the tournament once.

The top ten teams in Africa, currently, are Ivory Coast, Ghana, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria,

Algeria, Zambia, Cape Verde and DR Congo. The chances that one of these teams will end up victorious in 2017 is rather high, given the Africa Nations Cup history.

Preparing for 2017

And with such an exciting and celebrated history, the African Nations Cup of is one of the many international tournaments that punters love to bet on, and the 2017 tournament will be no different, with a full range of bets and betting options being made available to all potential punters long before 2017 rolls around. This very volume and continuous availability of wagering opportunities makes African Cup of Nations predictions especially attractive to punters. Indeed, given the true beauty of the sport being that it is so intrinsically appealing and well supported, this is the ideal sport for betting on. Any game of soccer is great to watch, but when you actually have money staked on the outcome, it becomes a genuinely thrilling event.

Another attractive feature of soccer betting is the variety and scope of the wagers available on African Cup of Nations matches.  Punters get to predict so much more than just the outcome of the match; with the most popular side-bets being half time scores, goal scorers for each team, goal difference, when the goals are likely to be scored, the type of goal scored, and even when the goals will be scored.

This variety of African Cup of Nations predictions, although dependant on the particular choice of Australian Betting Sites, still provides a wonderful array of possible bets with exciting odds.

General Betting Advice

Good general advice when it comes to African Cup of Nations predictions concerns the fact that soccer makes supporters highly emotional, and it is therefore easy to be swept up when placing bets on a team. Try to approach soccer betting as objectively as possible since emotion can cloud judgement and consequently influence accurate decision-making. Soccer betting can be extremely lucrative, and punters who know their teams’ history, statistics, off-field antics, physical conditioning and the form of individual players plus the manager, are highly likely to reap better rewards.

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