Play Psycho Slot After Having a Look at Our Review

Play Psycho Slot After Having a Look at Our Review

In modern times, the horror film genre is as popular and as widespread as the comedy or action genre, but this was not always the case. Before the 1960s, horror films were, in general, generic, low budget flicks that did not provide much of a scare to the average person. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho completely changed all that, with its slow, suspenseful build up and chilling climax, Psycho quickly became a classic within the industry, and many today consider it the godfather of modern horror films.

NextGen Gaming realised the potential for the franchise as an online slot game, both for its recognisable name and legacy. Thus, Psycho, a 5 reel, 25 payline online casino slot game was born, and anyone even remotely familiar with the film will immediately recognise the theme of the slot. On top of the recognisable theme and imagery, the slot also offers some bonus content, a 2500x jackpot, and a return to player percentage of 95.57%. A gamble feature is also included, giving players the chance to try and earn more for any winnings they make during spins.

Psycho Theme

Once loaded up, the first thing to notice is that the reels are spread across a large, white shower curtain. This is obviously a reference to the famous shower scene that catapulted the film in popularity, and I’m sure many players will appreciate the reference. The background of the game is the Bates Motel and the main house in the top left corner, also throwbacks to the film, specifically where most of the scenes took place.

Additionally, the symbols in Psycho slot are all inspired by imagery from the film, where all high value symbols include Norman Bates, Marion Crane, a peep-hole, an envelope full of cash, and a key to a motel room. The rest of the symbols are comprised of the classic numbers and letters, all of which make up the more common lower value symbols. Lastly, Psycho comes with its own wild card, which can land at any time, and works as a substitute for all other symbols in the game, with the exception of the scatter. As far as usage is concerned, everything player’s need sits neatly below the reels, including settings for adjusting the wager amount, information, mute, as well as the spin and autospin options. The rest of the action takes place exclusively on the reels, including all the bonus content.

Psycho Free Spins

As with most standard slot games at, Psycho comes with a free spins bonus, which is unlocked with the special scatter symbol. This is depicted as a house with the words written across it in bright red, so players will definitely not miss the scatters when they land. Three or more of these scatters are needed before the free spins are activated, with a minimum of 10 free spins for three scatters, 15 for four, and a maximum of 20 for five landed scatters. The free spins rounds will then begin automatically, and all wins during these rounds that involve the wild will add a 40x multiplier to the total earnings. Wilds are added to the game as a special scene involving the murder scene plays.

Psycho Verdict

Psycho is a game created for those classic horror film lovers, but those looking for a solid slot with classic gameplay will not be disappointed.

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