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How to Select a Great Online Casino in Canada

How to Select a Great Online Casino in Canada

The online casino industry is incredibly competitive and a simple search for a great online casino will yield an overwhelming number of options to choose from. As a player hailing from Canada, the best option would be to find an online casino that accepts C$, however this isn’t the most important thing to look out for when deciding on an online casino.

Even if you’ve never played an online casino game and have no idea where to start, if you follow our guide to finding a great online casino, you’ll be ready to roll in no time at all.

Comparing Great Online Casino Options

Doing one’s homework can certainly go a long way when deciding on playing at the best casinos. Don’t just go for the first option that comes up when searching, but rather visit more than one site and compare the look and feel, game options, and range of deposit and withdrawal options.

A site that accepts C$ and allows players to play in their currency allows for more ease of use as players won’t have to worry about working out currency exchanges, however this shouldn’t be the major deciding factor, as a great online casino will always accept major credit cards for deposits and withdrawals.

A site’s layout should also effect a decision, as players in Canada most definitely don’t want to find themselves lost in the belly of the online casino fighting their way to get out. Look out for a site that has a simple layout with good menus, and clicking on the site logo should always take you back to the homepage.

Customer Service should Never be Overlooked

Not all players take customer service into consideration when looking for a great online casino and this is in fact one of the most important factors when making a decision. The most reputable sites will be upfront with their contact details and players won’t have to search high and low in all the nooks and crannies of the site to find the contact details. If the casino isn’t upfront with the details, players from Canada should proceed with caution and rather avoid the site entirely. A great online casino will offer players a wide range of customer service options, such as email contact, a 24/7 telephone service and live on-site chat.

Bonuses and Promotions

The best online casinos in Canada will offer very attractive rewards, bonuses and have a range of promotions. However players should be wary of casinos that offer bonuses that are too good to be true, as this is generally an indicator of restrictions that will be placed on how quickly winnings can be withdrawn. The most reputable casinos will generally offer a welcome bonus that will match your initial deposit up to a certain amount, and may even offer bonuses on the next few deposits as well.

Take a good look at how the bonuses and rewards are calculated, and make sure to read the fine print, as there may be some less than desirable restrictions lurking there. Compare these amongst sites and make sure to choose one that you are most comfortable with.

Another feature of a great online casino is rewards and promotions for long-time and regular customers, as the best casino’s value their players and want to incentivise their return to the tables and slots.

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