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The Classic Mount Isa Cup, Run at Mt Isa This Racing Season

The Classic Mount Isa Cup, Run at Mt Isa This Racing Season

Horse racing is quite popular these days mostly as a betting sport. This is largely due to the fact that it is designed in such a way that bets can be very easily and comfortably placed on the sport. One of the countries in which it is most prominent is Australia. In fact Australia officially has the most race courses of any country in the world. And there was a total of over 14 billion Australian dollars wagered through 2009 to 2010.

There are tons of tournaments and events in horse racing held yearly. These include the Kentucky derby, the Grand National, and some of the great Australian horse race events, such as the Caulfield and Melbourne cups. These days garner huge amounts of attention from punters, allowing for some spectacular payout on tote bets, as well as regular odds bets. Australia also has a number of country racing days, popular events held at the multitude of country racing venues, such at Mt Isa. Mount Isa Carnival Day offers eleven exciting horse races across two days of racing at Buchanan Park. This provides a real treat for punters.

A Country Racing Venue that is Growing

The Mount Isa Race Club has secured the extra five races and the district’s trainers have backed this venue to the hilt for the 11-race two-day carnival meeting. This includes the popular competition; Fashions on the Field at the event. The two main races during this carnival are the Coppermarket sprint on Friday and the Mount Isa Cup on Saturday.

The Mount Isa Cup was inaugurated on the 17 May 1947. The race is run over 1800m at the Mount Isa Race Club, in the Outback region. The 2015 winner was Bolton, followed by Gun And Power and Eastline. In 2014, Bolton also won the Mount Isa Cup, off Buffet and Tuatara. In 2013, Just A Touch won from Commanche Warrior and Rapid Leica Jacko.

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The Technological Advantage

Since man first domesticated horses there has been incentive to race them against each other. And as long as there has been racing around, there has been a myriad of betting. Now with the internet and all the gadgets available to surf it, the betting scene has become easier to use as well as more and more lucrative. Now Australia, flooded with great country horse racing events and carnival days like the Mt Isa Track and the Mount Isa Cup, is blessed by a wealth of horse racing entertainment and horse racing betting opportunities on a grand scale. A battle between the greatest horses around and their jockeys sets the online world ablaze and the winning is just a part of it; the carnival days are an opportunity for social events catering to the whole family, and indeed, events like the Mount Isa Cup Carnival are veritable tourist attractions for entire regions.

Odds for horses are always changing. With the technological advances over the past decade, online access to all these country events like the Mount Isa Cup are available to all and sundry. Australian punters can now enjoy the thrill of Australian country racing, the range of odds available on these races, and access to all this through Ladbrokes Australia. So when June 2016 rolls around, and the countryside gathers at Mt Isa racing track for the Mount Isa Cup, punters have the opportunity to make the most of this event and put some money on the true country horses.

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