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Play Slots Online in Canada with Our Detailed Guide

Play Slots Online in Canada with Our Detailed Guide

Casino fans in Canada have access to a range of Canada-friendly gaming sites online. If you’re one of the hundreds of new gaming enthusiasts discovering online casinos every day, you will probably begin your exploration with the easiest and most popular games to play: slots.

In both land-based and online casinos, slots have always been the biggest draw, since the invention of the mechanical fruit machine back in the 19th Century. Players place their bets and spin the reels, trusting it all to luck: it’s even simpler than roulette, and a lot more colourful and diverting.

The digital age has expanded both the range and complexity of slots, with more reels, more paylines, more in-game special bonus features, and a truly enormous range of themes, titles and artistic styles. The sheer array can be bewildering, so here are some basics everyone needs to know.

How to Play Slots Online

First, you need to choose a casino like this establishment. You can be sure that the online operations we feature in our listings are properly licensed and regulated, by authorities that take the protection of players seriously. You’ll only want to play at reputable sites that have been independently audited for fair play, and that have the proper security encryption in place to protect both your playing account and your bank accounts. They also need to accept Canadian dollars, and be accessible in English and French.

The next area to consider is banking options, for depositing and withdrawing from your playing account, as well as any terms and conditions on a site that govern how and when you can withdraw winnings. It also makes sense to check out reviews, and see what options the site offers to resolve disputes. The top online casinos offer live chat online 24/7, so customers’ problems can be sorted out efficiently.

Once you find a site that suits your online banking preferences and customer service requirements, you’ll want to see which casino is most fun to play in. Most online casinos have either a free casino linked to their real-money site, or free demo versions of the slots they host, to be played for credits only. So novices can try out a variety of online slots options to get a feel for the various casinos, before they risk any real money.

Budgeting and Discipline the Key to Slots

Even after settling on casino site, the slots player’s job has only just begun. Now you have to pick a slot to play: and there are hundreds of themes, with thousands of individual titles. Comic themes, dark themes, silly themes; cartoon shows, famous sports, history and myths, musical eras, classic films, television shows and games: the variety of slots is endless.

On average, slots pay out 94 percent or more of the money that is wagered on them, so apart from being easy to play, they usually reward players who have the budget to play affordably for the medium to long term, as well as the discipline to stop playing and cash in their winnings when they hit a rewarding jackpot.

The ins and outs of working out game variances, and the best slots to play to suit your budget, are lessons for another article. The best advice for beginners might be to pick a slot you like the look and gameplay of, set the total bet per spin at a level that allows you to comfortably afford losing at least 150 times in a row, and enjoy yourself, learning as you go.

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