About Pokies for Casino Players

About Pokies for Casino Players

In the early days, a slot machine was played similarly to how it is today, involving making a bet, taking a spin, and seeing which symbols line up when the spinning stops. These symbols, in modern times, can be anything from popular cartoon characters to types of car, and may even be animated for extra entertainment value. In the old days, however, these symbols were strictly playing cards, and the hand of poker drawn dictated the amount paid out. This is how slot machines came to be known as pokies, or poker machine.

Regardless of what you call them, slot machines have, and still are, very popular in Australia. It is common to see a few slot machines in the pub, and at the casino the rows upon rows of machines are never short of players.

Pokies Odds

Another name for slot machines is the one armed bandit. This name came from the perception that the machines are very unfair, combined with the fact that in the old days, and some still today, the machines were operated by pulling down on a lever, or arm. But how unfair are slot machines? A slot machine is a fixed odds electronic device. This means that the machine cannot, by law take or pay out above a certain set percentage.

These percentages are monitored, and any casino with an operating licence is bound to follow the rules. That is to say, now slot machine is more or less unfair then any other slot machine. Of course, that doesn’t mean the odds are as good as some other forms of gambling, just that if you are on a losing steak at a slot machines, it doesn’t have a grudge against you.

Real World versus Digital Pokies

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going to the casino. It involves driving in traffic, possibly paying an entrance fee just to get into the casino, and then hoping your favourite pokies machines is not currently occupied. Thankfully, you can now get the full casino experience without having to face these cons. Slot machines, available both in classic and new variations, can be accessed directly from your phone, laptop or tablet.

To get involved in online slot machines, simply download an application and you can be spinning in seconds. Remember that if you wish to play online pokies NZ now for real money, you will have to make a casino account and link your bank account. A deposit will be required, after which you may play to your hearts content. Free online slots are also available.

Online Gambling Safety and Regulation

Just because a slot machine is online, it does not mean it is separate from the laws. An online slot machine has fixed winning odds, as with real slot machines, and cannot take more then a certain amount of money from a player. Ensure that the online casino you are gambling with is licensed, and if you have any doubts, be sure to contact that casinos customer support centre. Remember, you are responsible for your own online account, so its always best to keep your login details safe, and log off your account when you are done playing.

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