A Guide to Playing Online Sic Bo at Casino Sites

A Guide to Playing Online Sic Bo at Casino Sites

While Sic Bo may sound like a rather niche game to some people, it is in fact traditionally a hugely popular Casino table game offered in the worlds most widely known and acclaimed land based Casino’s, from Asia to Last Vegas. Of course, this translates online into the fact that any top online casino worth their salt will have online Sic Bo on offer for you to check out and play whenever you choose. Other names for this dice game include “Tai Sai” and “Dai Siu”.

One of the major benefits of internet sic bo is that the game follows the rules of its land based predecessor almost to the tee, so if you’re familiar with the game you can get started right away with no introduction necessary.

Huge Winnings with the Throw of Dice

For the rest of the people unfamiliar with the game, here are a few ground rules, play options and tips to get you started. The major attraction and advantage of online Sic Bo is its total fairness and transparency during play. The game is based around an attempt to predict the outcome of the roll of three dice. Many may recognise this from the game Craps, however Sic Bo is even easier to play.

Bet High or Low, the Choice is Yours

Before rolling there are quite a variety of bet types you can choose to place. Firstly you can choose Big or Small. A small roll is considered anything between four and ten, when the numbers on all three dice are added together. A big roll will constitute anything between eleven and seventeen. These rolls if predicted correctly will generally give you a pay-out equal to your wager at online casinos Australia. Similarly another bet type in online Sic Bo is Odd or Even, which as the name suggests, pays out if you guess whether the sum of the dice equals an odd or even number.

Now we come to the double or triple wagers, which pay out significantly more than the previous wagers if you predict correctly that the dice will have two or three of the same numbers on them respectively. Another option is to predict three of a specific number on your roll. This is probably the highest pay out in the game sometimes exceeding 150 times your initial bet.

Familiarise Yourself with the Pay Board

Another way you can be awarded an impressive payday is by predicting the sum of a roll of the three dice. A total of four or seventeen generally yield the best odds, with around fifty times your initial bet, but as each online casino or online Sic Bo site is different, its better to familiarise yourself with their unique pay tables for a more accurate pay-out figure.

As you can see, online Sic Bo is largely a game of luck and making the correct predictions, but also has an impressive pay-out for some of the riskier bets, so you can tailor your play to suit your style and have a great time in the process.

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