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Well All, We had a good run with the Dukes of Windsoar, but alas time has marched on and the group has disbanded. Powered paragliding training, sales, and service is continuing under long time pilot Slugger with his school "Sluggers PPG." Check it out at the link above. The original Dukes Yahoo group is being maintained at the link below if your looking for old friends and flying buddies. Thanks all for many great years in the air !!!

Danny K. & James C.

Yahoo Group List Serve Link:

This shows the old membership of the club right before we disbanded in the late 2000's some contact info is undoubtly out of date. - For your reference JRC.
Members List

Some facts about the Dukes of Windsoar ...

1.) At one time; approximately around 2002 we had over 80 pilot members.
2.) The Dukes ran from the late 1990's to the mid 2000's.
3.) Dukes made up a significant percentage of the first few mass launch record attempts at ParaStars in the 2001 area at Fantasy of Flight before they made it invite only.
4.) The Dukes were known as the Hells Angels of PPG.
5.) The Dukes leader Dan Krisler had over 5000 PPG flights.
6.) The Dukes never were without cool beverages.
7.) The Dukes ate bad a.k.a. “Candy Apples” for breakfast.
8.) Many Dukes got a new glider in the late 90’s to start flying because of it’s exceptional fight handling, the Prima II so much better than the one.
9.) Dan Krisler’s RV did not have mufflers so when we pulled in to a fly-in you knew it. 454 motor … WaAAA .. Rummm.
10.) Dan Krisler many times flew his dog “Boots” with him, at 80lb’s in a special dog PPG harness made by Tammy Bowles it was no easy feat.
11.) Hey, Hey, Hey … !!! … GO DUKES !!!