Dukes Members List

This shows the old membership of the club right before we disbanded in the late 2000's some contact info is undoubtly out of date. - for your reference JRC.
A. Beau Ouimette
Flying name: Cornholio
Williamsport, Maryland 21795 Member Since: 05-2002
Home: (301) 223-6113


Alan asuwishjunk@comcast.net
Flying name: Haystacks Calhoon
member Since: 04-2003

Betty Pfeiffer BettP@aol.com
1081 Shepard Street Unit A
Anaheim, California 92706
Work: (714) 632-3323

Bill Heck mayhavben@yahoo.com

Bill Johnston Jr. wingmanbill1962@yahoo.com
831 Engle Switch Road Flying name: Thing-2
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia 25425 Member Since: 10-2003
Cell: (304) 886-3747
2 Place Buckeye Dream Machine PPC in January 2007
Cessna 150F in July 2007

Boots Duke
Flying name: Boots
The orginial PPG flying dog.
Friend to all who flew PPG in the dukes era.
In memory ... a duke forever.

Brian Stoltzfus stoltzfusb@asme.org
Reading, Pennsylvania Member Since: 02-2005
Cell: (484) 269-0554
I started flying PPG in 1998 on a DK GT. I now fly a
Skycrusier RDM 100, and Swing Arcus

Chris & Tammy Bowles
Southern Skies LLC

Christopher Mullaney cpmesq@entermail.net
Pennsburg, Pennsylvania Member Since: 09-2004
Cell: (610) 587-1416

Cindy Adkison pgacca@comcast.net
1339 Forest Bay Drive
Waterford, Michigan 48328 Member Since: 08-2003

Cory Heyman coryheyman@hotmail.com
Flying name: Knoggin'
Silver Spring, Maryland Member Since: 10-2001

"Anyone wanna fly to Kemar?"

Dan Kriseler dannyk@surfree.com
17145 Moss Side Ln. Flying name: Hangtime

Olney, Maryland 20832

Member Since: (forever)1998

Cell: (410) 530-6588
President Dukes of Windsoar.

Dan Smith danman0733@aol.com
Flying name: Danman
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740 Member Since: 01-2002
Cell: (301) 331-3709

Ed Ross lipps37@comcast.net
Flying name: Lipps
Baltimore, Maryland 21223
Cell: (443) 220-6949
Home: (410) 947-5659
I once asked a tribal elder when I was born.He said,In
the summertime.

Frank McDowell frankiejoe@prodigy.net
5621 Selford Road Flying name: Sweet Pee
Halethorpe, Maryland 21227
Home: (410) 242-5462
Cell: (410) 340-6636
Ok, ya gotta wonder about the nickname. It comes from
interrupted road trips to flying events where it became
evident that I have to stop and use the restroom about
every 50 miles, but then I always stock up on candy
bars (Sweet) and Diet Coke (Pee)...

Gary Shoaff gshoaff@sermatech.com
113 Omega Circle Flying name: Coolbreeze
Wernersville, Pennsylvania 19565 Member Since: 01-1999
Home: (610) 670-0422
Cell: (610) 659-5532
I fly a Walkerjet and an Eden 2. However a Fresh Breeze
and my old Red Silex maybe coming. I was, I believe
the last student trained by Eric. John Phillips, Brian
Stoltzfus, Eric DuFour and of course Dan are the ones
that really taught me.

George Cavelius george@zeustech.com
Elkridge, Maryland 21075
Home: (410) 796-6114
Cell: (410) 662-2786

James Coblentz jamescob@bigfoot.com
312 Clyde St. Flying name: Ltl-Slugger
Waynesboro, PA 17268 Member Since: 11-2000
Cell: (240) 367-0306
I am a XC Machine !!! PPG2/P4 "FB Monster motor"
I also an observer for ushga so I can help u fly the
moutains. Flown in MD PA VA WV NY NC SC GA FL OH CO
CA NM Mexico. I am the 13,306 agl Baby face killer
and don't you forget it Beau !

Jeff Goin jeffgoin@earthlink.net
9 Sou 344 Chandelle Dr. Flying name: Jeff
Naperville, Illinois 60564
Cell: (630) 258-0346
Air Junkie

Jerry Starbuck admin@blueridgeparagliding.com
1646 Anderson Road, #1
McLean, Virginia 22102 Member Since: 08-2000
Cell: (301) 928-8755

Joe Phipps cjphipps@comcast.net
716 Chestnut Hill Rd
Elkton, Maryland 21921 Member Since: 04-2002
Home: (410) 620-0073
Cell: (302) 438-2553
flying FBsolo 122, FBsim 122, Silex, Ozone,

John Ballantyne jballantyne1@earthlink.net
PO Box 667
Frederick, Maryland 21705 Member Since: 04-2002

John Phillips w3jnp@comcast.net
Flying name: Hungwell
Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania 19608 Member Since: 01-1999
Cell: (610) 223-8912
Home: (610) 223-8912
I fly a WalkerJet RR and a Mac Eden II wing.

I have passed the 29th anniversary of my 29th birthday
and do not know what I want to be when I grow up.

I'm a Duke since the beginning and started flying PPG
in 1998.

John C. Cover jcc616@aol.com
17912 Marshall Mill Road Flying name: Tailgate
Hampstead, Maryland 21074 Member Since: 11-1999
Home: (410) 239-1835
I fly a Fresh Breeze 122 Motor and Silex Wing.

John Michael Cover JMCGM@aol.com
Somewhere In The U.S.A.F. Flying name: Flyboy
member Since: 10-2000
In the U.S. Air Force and will be busy for about 4-6
years. I had my first solo flight just before leaving
for Basic Training. I paraglided with the Dukes at
Southern Skies and had a BLAST. America's Air Force,
no one comes close.

Kenny Hartwell

Lindsay Kerfoot
Williamsport, Maryland 21795 Member Since: 05-2002

Marty Green martymart3@msn.com
Flying name: Hisie-FIT
Jarrettsville, Maryland Member Since: 04-2003
Cell: (410) 218-5059

Maury maury@johngutierrezstudios.com
Flying name: Thun-Thet
member Since: 11-2003

Mike Bowen mb6388@evenlink.com
Jonestown, Pennsylvania 17038 Member Since: 07-2005
Home: (717) 861-5489
Cell: (717) 926-7985

Mike MacPherson mmacpherson@comcast.net
14 Whitetail Way
Pequea, Pennsylvania 17565 Member Since: 11-2003
Home: (717) 284-4561
Cell: (717) 587-0453

Phil Adkison PGACCA@comcast.net
1339 Forest Bay Drive
Waterford, Michigan 48328 Member Since: 08-2003
Cell: (248) 568-4696
Home: (248) 681-0080

Phil Traynor
Annapolis, Maryland 21403 Member Since: 03-2005

Richard Perez

Ryan Smith ryanscott@hughes.net
Felton, Pennsylvania 17322 Member Since: 11-2005
Cell: (410) 598-9750

Scott Hall
Flying name: Onetime
member Since: 09-2000
Work: (301) 668-7500
2003 Chevy Suburban

Tom Feller tom@tomfeller.com
40 N. Main Street
Magnolia, Delaware 19962 Member Since: 01-2006
Home: (302) 355-4482
Cell: (302) 743-3609

Wally Shilts
Flying name: Wally - boy
In memory... A Duke forever.
Oct. 22, 1950 - Aug. 10, 2003

Wayne Swisher floodlight@comcast.net
269 Kutz Rd.
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania 19522 Member Since: 06-2006
Home: (610) 921-0593
Cell: (610) 780-7413

Wes Eavey ppgpilot28@aol.com
14 E. Frederick St. Flying name: The Banished One
Williamsport, Maryland 21795 Member Since: 08-2002
Home: (301) 223-4293
Cell: (301) 991-4472
I've been into PPG since early in it's inception, I
fly either a Paramotor FX/2 or most likely an FX/5